Elsie “Gigi” Castrorao


Elsie “Gigi” Castrorao | Sales Associate

Elsie Castrorao aka “Gigi” is someone who brings a high level of energy, compassion, and determination to all that she does. A registered nurse, she has worked in numerous positions, most recently as an advanced practice nurse. She has always been incredibly grateful for the opportunity to care for patients and has consistently received high marks for her dedication and thoroughness. Love of family and caring for patients have positively shaped her perspective on life. Gigi is very excited to be involved in real estate. A meticulous homeowner and inspired gardener, she is a big fan of the various real estate shows. Whether it is searching out properties to find the perfect house or insuring your home shows in the best possible light, clients benefit from all the experience that she brings.

Gigi believes in healthy living; eating nutritiously and regular exercise for both herself and others. In her spare time, she is currently learning Española and fine-tuning her vocals, hoping to perform live at some point in the future.